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6 Unique Places to Catch a Famous Lake Martin Sunset

Picture this. Your day is coming to an end and you start to reminisce of your time at Lake Martin. The cicadas begin to buzz as the sun lowers behind the horizon, casting its last beams of light into the sky.  You can’t help but stare in awe as a breathtaking Lake Martin sunset unfolds, making it yet again another perfect end to your day. 

No matter the season or time of year, Lake Martin is famous for stunning sunsets.  Sometimes you are able to catch the perfect sunset from right where you are staying, as you can see above at The Sunset Peninsula at Lake Martin.  But, there are a few other awesome spots that are known for catching a beautiful sunset on Lake Martin.  Here are 6 perfectly unique spots to catch a sunset you will never forget!

Kowaliga Restaurant

sunset at kowaliga

Kowaliga Restaurant is one of the most popular waterfront dining options on the lake! Based off of the old Hank Williams country song, “Kaw-Liga,” the restaurant pays homage to the old wooden Indian and great country music legend. Not only does Kowaliga Restaurant serve up great food, it also has an unmatched view of the lake year round. 

My sunset suggestion at Kowaliga Restaurant is to grab a table outside on the massive wrap around porch.  From here you can look out at the endless Lake Martin waters and take your time taking it all in.  And an extra insider tip….. there is a trash can outside filled with kibble that you can throw out into the water to feed the fish and turtles, adding a little extra fun to your sunset experience. 

Wind Creek State Park

sunset at wind creek state park

Wind Creek State Park sprawls over 1,440 acres of land on Lake Martin, providing miles of shorelines for day activities, hiking trails, and of course, countless resting spots along the water. Though you can get a day pass to access Wind Creek State Park, one of the bonuses of camping here is that most of the campsites are located with views of the lake, if not right on the water itself. Just about anywhere on the state park grounds make for a perfect place to catch a sunset. 

However, if you want to take your sunset experience to the next level, I suggest going to “The Silo.”  This is actually a historic grain silo on the state park property, believed to be older than Lake Martin itself.  Wind Creek visitors can climb to the rooftop of the silo via its winding staircase, which is an adventure all its own. From here, you can catch sweeping waterfront views and a perfectly unique spot for a sunset. 


sunset at springhouse

Dining at SpringHouse is an experience all on its own.  Located at Russell Crossroads, this restaurant embodies the meaning of rustic southern charm, with some of the most unique cuisine and picturesque views around. 

My recommendation is to grab a seat on the terrace on the upper level of SpringHouse. From here, not only can you spot The Stables in the distance but you can also take in views of rolling country hills as far as the eye can see. With an unobstructed view of the sky for miles around, SpringHouse offers a rare opportunity to catch a larger than life sunset. 

Smith Mountain Fire Tower

smith mountain sunset

Sitting on top of Smith Mountain, the highest point of elevation on Lake Martin, is the Smith Mountain Fire Tower.  Standing at a whopping 90 feet tall, Smith Mountain Fire Tower served as an observation point by local firefighters for over four decades.  Since then, it has been renovated into a popular destination point for visitors to come and catch stunning panoramic views of the Lake Martin waters and the surrounding woodlands.  This being said, it also makes for one of the most extraordinary places to catch a sunset. 

My recommendation is to come early to hike any one of the beautiful surrounding trails, and end your day with a climb to the top of the fire tower. However, be sure to leave as soon as the sun sets… you won’t want to be stuck out here after dark! 

Overlook Park

sunset at overlook park

Overlook Park is located at the head of the Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trails, near the historic Lake Martin dam.  This spot is easily accessible and sits right at the trailhead for arguably some of the most beautiful hiking trails and views of the lake in the area. 

My recommendation is to pack a dinner and set up your viewing spot at one of the picnic tables onsite.  Here you can enjoy a “dinner and a show” from your seat or even catch the sunset from the observation deck overlooking the water. 

Anywhere on the Open Water 

sunset on open water

Of course, nothing beats catching a sunset on the open waters of Lake Martin!  With over 800 miles of shoreline, the sky is yours wherever you decide to go. Whether you have a boat to float out into the open waters, or simply a pier and a folding chair… watching the colors dance across the waves from your own personal paradise is quite simply the perfect way to end your day.  

So grab your family, a loved one, friends, your pup… or even just a beer. No matter who you want to end your day with, be sure to take a few minutes to treat yourself to a famous Lake Martin sunset!