Lakin' Like a Local

Tips From the Locals of Lake Martin

We call Lake Martin home, but we are excited to share our little piece of paradise with you.  As the locals, we want to share some of our personal, insider local tips with you. You will learn about some of our favorite spots and things to do both on and off the water.  We hope you like the series we have put together for you, “Lakin’ Like a Local,”  where you can check out the totally unscripted recommendations from us, the residents of the Lake Martin area.


Episode 1-Kenny Dean

In this episode, local radio and television personality, Kenny Dean, talks about our national and state parks in the area, as well as the people of our community. And he tells you about one of his favorite things to do during the colder months.


Episode 2-Lindsay Meacham

In this episode, longtime local Lindsay Meacham talks about the things she likes to do with her family in the area, like visiting the farmers market and hitting the trails to look for arrowheads.  She also gives tips on things like the best place to grab a pizza by boat and the best place to take the kids to feed the turtles.

Episode 3-Brett Pritchard

In this episode, local angler and college fishing coach, Brett Pritchard, talks about the kinds of fish you can catch on Lake Martin, as well as some of his favorite lures to use on the lake.  He also tells you about one of his favorite fish to eat.


Episode 4-Betsy Iler

In this episode, local camper Betsy Iler talks about why she likes staycationing at Wind Creek State Park, some of the great things to do there, and about the area she calls the “Hollywood Section,” which she describes as the best spot to camp at the park.


Episode 5-James Glenn

Local kayaker James Glenn gives insider tips about kayaking the Tallapoosa River. He talks about the best spot to kayak on the river, and even talks about the best side of the river to catch the most rapids. He also describes the wildlife you can see on the river, and tells about the special fish that fisherman come from all over to catch on the Tallapoosa. He also talks about the Tallapoosa River Kayak Club, which is an online group anyone can join for free to connect with other kayakers.


Episode 6-Lacey Howell

In this episode, Lake Martin native, Lacey Howell, gives the inside scoop and shares some of the cool spots on the lake, like Peanut Point-the place to go by boat to get boiled peanuts, Chimney Rock-the place to go meet up and watch people cliff dive, and Pirate Island. Yes, we have pirates on Lake Martin and she will tell you all about it. She also lets you in on the local secret about the quietest part of the lake, and tells you the one thing you can’t miss out on if you come to Lake Martin.


Episode 7-Jimmy Lanier

Jimmy Lanier is not just a lifelong hiker in the Lake Martin area, but is also the founder of the Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail Association. He knows the hiking trails in the Lake Martin area better than anyone, and in this episode of Lakin’ Like a Local, he talks about a couple of his favorites. He gives some of his insider tips on hiking to see a historic fire tower, where to see awesome rock formations, one of the most challenging trails in the area, and the best place to hike to for a picnic lunch.

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