September 2022-Lake Martin Fishing Report

Surface Temperature: 86
Lake Level: 490.3 (You can always find the current lake level HERE)
Clarity: Clear to very clear

Looking back over the summer bite I can honestly say the catches of stripers we have been producing this year has been amazing to say the least. My guide service has had its best luck with live bait. However I have heard reports from the other anglers that they too have done well while trolling with artificial lures. Moving on to the September forecast here on Lake Martin….. In a normal year, this month starts the transition period for stripers changing from the summer bite to the fall ball bite pattern. In saying this, it doesn’t mean you can’t or you will not catch stripers. I’m just saying you will more than likely work harder this month than some of the other months of the year. I probably spend more on boat gas in September than any other time, solely due to each morning it’s like starting all over again scouting to locate them. It’s like yesterday they were here, and today they are not, so the search begins. Sometimes the easiest or most productive way to locate stripers in September is by trolling to cover a lot of big open water. If trolling is producing bites then heck- stick with it! While trolling, mark way points of schools you see, and if your not catching then simply go back to those way points and drop live bait on them. One of these techniques is going to produce a bite. Areas of the lake this month you want to concentrate in are where you find some of your deepest water. I personally like to be fishing in water ranging from 70-120 ft depths. One thing I don’t do in September is waste much time in any water shallower than 50 ft. It just not has been very productive for us over the years in September.

I hope you, along with us, have a successful month here on our beautiful Lake Martin .

Thank you to Captain David Hare with Alex City Guide Service for our monthly fishing report.

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Fishing For The Unique Tallapoosa Redeye Bass

fly fishing on the tallapoosa river

While Lake Martin is well known for its fishing, and is a hotspot for spotted, largemouth, and striped bass, a very special fishing experience awaits in the water that feeds Lake Martin, the Tallapoosa River.  Here you can find the unique Tallapoosa Redeye Bass.  Learn more about this special fish and get tips for fishing for it HERE.  

Summer Lake Levels Have Been Extended

Martin Dam
Martin Dam-Photo Credit: Dylan Stewart

On September 1, Alabama Power announced that summer lake levels will last a little longer this year.  Instead of starting the drawdown at the beginning of September, it will now start on October 15th.  You can read more about it HERE.  

September Fishing Tournaments at Lake Martin 

young man holding fish

September 10:  ASABFA

September 17:  Double Play Tournament (OGS)

September 24:  Beau McCary Tournament (OGS)