Tourism Launches “Lake Martin’s Got Bite”


Lake Martin Tallapoosa County Tourism Launches “Lake Martin’s Got Bite”
Tasty new video series serves up Lake Martin area eateries to visitors

Lake Martin, AL (April 08, 2024) – Lake Martin Tallapoosa County Tourism today announced its launch of a new online video series spotlighting the best of Lake Martin’s restaurants. The comedic and delicious video series titled, “Lake Martin’s Got Bite,” aims to capture each restaurant’s rich history and culinary expertise, while highlighting what makes each establishment a unique, must-visit part of the Lake Martin area. 

From traditional southern cuisine to off the hook modern eats, Lake Martin is home to some of the best spots you’ll ever eat, and some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet.  From lakeside diners to mom-n-pops and off-the-beaten-path dives, all “Lake Martin’s Got Bite” episodes feature eateries that are connected by a common thread to our local area – good food and fun. 

“This campaign inspires Lake Martin visitors and residence to explore all the culinary options that our area has to offer and positions Lake Martin as a leading foodie destination,” said Tourism Director Sandra Fuller.  “Our cuisine, like our community, is a melting pot of culinary genius, and this campaign shows why Lake Martin eateries should be at the top of everyone’s travel bucket list this summer.”

A table of diners sit in a restaurant

Lake Martin native and Blackberry Breeze Band lead man Trey Foshee is the show’s host. Foshee follows his appetite for adventure to culinary hot spots all around Lake Martin to sample the wares, mingle with the chefs, and share his endless supply of good vibes with everyone he meets.

“I’ve always got a lot on my plate – literally,” jokes show host Trey Foshee.  “Lake Martin is just so rich in unique dining options, and believe me, I’m always the first to ask for seconds.  This show is going to have everyone traveling to the shores of Lake Martin with their mouths watering… hook, line and sinker!”

Owners, Kelly and Darin Nesbit with Host, Trey Foshee

The new video series will be served up on the newly revamped Lake Martin Tallapoosa County Tourism’s website,, as well as the Explore Lake Martin YouTube and social channels, including Facebook and Instagram as part of their upcoming summer seasonal campaign.

To view “Lake Martin’s Got Bite,” click here. For more information about Lake Martin and to start planning your summer adventure, visit and follow @ExploreLakeMartin on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube.