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Plug Day-Lake Martin’s Own Special Holiday

I remember my first trip to Alexander City a couple of years ago.  I was talking to the locals and I kept hearing about the upcoming Plug Day.  Everyone seemed so excited about it.  I personally had never observed this occasion before, but was intrigued to learn more.

October 2021-Lake Martin Fishing Report

Surface Temp 81 Water Level 490 (The water level will start to drop on 10/15, but you can always keep up with the current water level here) Clarity / Clear Lake Martin fall fishing can be amazing, and I see no reason why 2021 will be no different. This month on 10/15/21 the lake draw down begins, and by end of 2021, Lake Martin will be down 10 feet. This is exactly what it used to be pulled down to every year, but the last 5 years, they held it at 7 feet below full pool. I for one am…

Lake Martin To Remain At Full Summer Pool Level Until October 15th

Every February, we await our fate based on a groundhog.  The tradition says that if he sees his shadow when he comes out, winter will carry on for six more weeks.  However, if it is cloudy, and he doesn’t see his shadow, it means we will be getting an early spring.  While I don’t want to even try to predict the weather, I can say that in the Lake Martin area we have been seeing some pretty amazing days lately.  And although a critter won’t be popping out to tell us if we will have more time for summer fun,…