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September 2021-Lake Martin Fishing Report

Surface Temp 89* Water Level 491.00 Full Pool Clarity / Clear August was still producing stripers on live bait. Typical August trips- 4 out 5 trips produced good, then we would have a tough day 1 out of 5 days.  September will be a lot like August fishing.  My advice for September would be fish the lower end of the lake, fish early, and be prepared for tough fishing after 9 am. Even though you are going to see some striper marks up high on your electronics, the deeper marks more than likely are going to be your catchable fish….

August 2021-Lake Martin Fishing Report

  Surface Temp 83-84 Clarity – Clear Full pool Congrats to Barry Cameron from Cary, NC, who caught his personal best-30+ pounds while out with Captain David Hare on Lake Martin! Way to go, Barry! We are just scratching the surface for summer type fishing due to cooler than normal water temps so far. Normally we would be doing a lot of trolling and some live baiting, but with cooler than normal July weather, we actually did vice versa- and most days it paid off. Now for August if my clients think we’ve been going early morning in July, then…