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August 2021-Lake Martin Fishing Report


Surface Temp 83-84

Clarity – Clear

Full pool

Congrats to Barry Cameron from Cary, NC, who caught his personal best-30+ pounds while out with Captain David Hare on Lake Martin! Way to go, Barry!

We are just scratching the surface for summer type fishing due to cooler than normal water temps so far. Normally we would be doing a lot of trolling and some live baiting, but with cooler than normal July weather, we actually did vice versa- and most days it paid off.

Now for August if my clients think we’ve been going early morning in July, then August is going to be a shocker. I’m a real early bird in August hoping to be on my favorite spots usually about 1 hour before daylight so I can get those early early bites before the temperature starts warming us all up- including the stripers. For me, I like trolling in August and trying to stay in some of the deeper parts of the lake, searching for huge schools of bait fish. Then once I’ve got what I consider lots of bait fish, I continuously troll those areas with my Scotty down riggers that’s rigged with 10 lb. weights and numerous types of trolling lures- including some soft plastics. I don’t worry if I don’t catch every fish I see on my Hummingbird. As long as I know I’m marking stripers, I know it’s just a matter of time before I figure out the exact speed, the exact depth, and the exact lure they are the most interested in crushing. Then the fight is on! If you fish on your own or if you fish with us, if you can have enough patience to get zeroed in on them, you’ll love the results. And who knows you may just boat yourself personal best this year in August here on Lake Martin. Until next time- tight lines!

Thank you to David Hare with Alex City Guide Service for providing our monthly fishing report.

More Great Fishing Tips From the Locals: 

Brett Pritchard is the fishing coach at Central Alabama Community College. He fishes competitively, and has been fishing Lake Martin his whole life. He gives you a few of his insider tips, including some of his favorite lures to use on Lake Martin, in this episode of Lakin’ Like a Local!  

Congrats to our Crank 4 Bank Winners:

Congrats to all our Crank 4 Bank winners! The tagged fishing event, which started in April and ended in July, awarded  the winners last month.  We had 15 winners in total! Refus McNeill is our grand prize winner! He won a Skeeter boat from Ashley’s Boat & RV worth $50,000 !!! William Miller caught 3 tagged fish and took home $4,500, Chris Smith caught 2 tagged fish and took home $3,000, Tyler Winchester caught 2 tagged bass and took home $3,000. Chris Chandler, Courtenay Potts, Brent Reeves, Ian Baas, Stihl Smith, Glenn Morgan, and Phillipee Brown all caught one tagged bass and each brought home $1,500. Also Ryan Miller won 1st place for our crank4bank Virtual tournament and Brent Blalock got 2nd and Chris Chandler came in 3rd place! Big Bass was won by Brody Milstead!  A special thank you to OGS Tournaments for organizing this fun event on Lake Martin!  

Be on the lookout for more information in January about Crank 4 Bank 2022!