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July 2022-Lake Martin Fishing Report

Water Level: 490.38 You can always see the current water level here.
Surface Temperature: 90
Clarity: Clear

Hey everyone! June was an awesome striper catching month-as you see in a small example in the picture. Live bait was working well in June. Trolling in June was putting stripers in the box also.

Well, here it is July!!! Where has the spring gone??? Don’t get too disappointed, because here on Lake Martin you can still catch a big trophy in July. Just 2 years ago in July, we boated a 45 pounder and a 25 pounder- same day, same boat. I’m not saying July is your best chance for big fish, but it definitely can happen. With Lake Martin being one of the best striper lakes in the south, and a vacation destination for so many from around the country, we as fishermen and fisherwomen can still enjoy catching- even with numerous recreational boats on the lake. How? Well my guide service has it narrowed down to a real early morning live bait approach which pays off very well. Then when boat traffic starts heating up, we switch right over to running downriggers deep. Alot of the time we are right in the same areas that the heavy traffic is in. So what I’m saying is, there’s always a way to boat stripers. Some days may be challenging, but it can be done. If your not an early riser, then go the last couple of hours in the evening and you too might be pleasantly surprised.

July is also a big month for boating catfish, and for sure, big bream. Take those grandkids off your dock and let them have fun. My grandkids catch full coolers of bream by simply using old bread their KayKay saves for them.

Get out and enjoy what our lake has to offer this month, and who knows, you might even catch a world record.

Until next time, tight lines!

Thank you to David Hare with Alex City Guide Service for our monthly fishing report.

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The Secret to Catching Catfish at Lake Martin 

It may not look delicious to us, but there is a special appetizer that the catfish at Lake Martin go crazy for-and it is so simple to make!  Learn more about that, and get our other tips on How to Catch Catfish on Lake Martin.  

Update on the Million Dollar Fish Swimming In Lake Martin 

tagged fish

We’ve been telling you about the game we have happening at Lake Martin called Crank 4 Bank.  There are tagged fish swimming in the water, and each one, at minimum, is worth $1,500.  Since April 1st, 16 of these fish have been caught.  Anglers have until July 4th to catch theirs.  On July 9th, there will be a special ceremony for anglers, and awards will be given for those that have tags.  We know there will be at least $24,000 given away.  However, that is when we will learn if some of those tags are also worth boats, trucks, or even the grand prize of ONE MILLION DOLLARS!  Awards will also be given away at that time for Crank 4 Bank’s virtual tournament.  Best of luck to everyone, and if you have not caught your tagged fish yet, you still have until July 4th!