Great Spots For Engagement Photos Around Lake Martin-And Tips For Preparing For Them

Photos By: John Denney

Taking your engagement photos is such a fun piece to wedding planning!  It is a time when you and your fiance can cut loose, spend time together, and capture great, professional-quality photos that you can use later for your Save the Dates or even use on your wedding website.  Plus, you will want to have these pictures forever to help remember this wonderful time celebrating your engagement! 

The bonus to engagement photos is that they also give you an opportunity to work with your wedding photographer before the big day too, so you can learn different styles, poses, and ultimately what works best for both of you. 

If you are dreaming of stunning engagement pictures that will blow your friends and family away, Lake Martin is the perfect place! With a variety of backdrops, endless waterfront views, and sunsets that will take your breath away… you have come to the right place.  

Here are my top suggestions for the perfect engagement photo spots – and tips to knock them out of the park!

Iconic Staging Ideas for Engagement Photos at Lake Martin

couple by lake at sunset

When picking your location, think of what style you would like for your photos to capture. Do you want a rustic setting?  Woodland trees and rolling hills? Or waterfront views? 

For Lake Martin engagement photos, I suggest looking into staging your photos at some of the most iconic places around the area. Here are a few ideas to help you start brainstorming!

By The Water At Wind Creek State Park 

couple kissing by the water

Taking photos near the water is my number one recommendation for lake-themed engagement photos! Luckily, Lake Martin has miles of shoreline that make for the perfect backdrop. And, you can find plenty of public access to the water at Wind Creek State Park, where you can stage stunning pictures next to the shoreline. 

Russell Crossroads

man holding woman by sidewalk

One of my top location choices would be Russell Crossroads, where you have a variety of backdrops such as rolling country hills, stone walls, The Stables, and even a walking trail through the trees.  It is easy to grab several different backdrops in one location, which is an ideal use of your time with your photographer and an opportunity to get the maximum variety of photos. 

The Lighthouse And Chapel At Children’s Harbor

couple in front of chapel

Another idea is to snap photos at Children’s Harbor with the iconic lighthouse, the white chapel, or even simply standing near the water shorelines.  

Adventurous Engagement Photos

engagement ring on leaf

Are you and your fiance adventurous? You may want to consider photos at locations such as Smith Mountain Fire Tower or Overlook Park, where you can get gorgeous pictures with the lake waters in the background, as well as poses among the trees and walking trails. In the fall, this would be an ideal choice to capture the stunning changes in leaf colors in your pictures too.  

Classic, Southern Antebellum Photos

mistletoe bough bed and breakfast

For charming, classic Southern photos you may want to consider The Mitchell House or Mistletoe Bough Bed and Breakfast.  Both of these locations have stunning antebellum homes for backdrops, wrap-around porches, and towering trees for greenery. The Mistletoe Bough is a Queen Anne mansion built in the 1800’s that offers plenty of great photo ops.  Also particularly stunning is the Ginkgo Tree at The Mitchell House.  Once a year its leaves turn a bright, golden yellow, and if you can time it out right, this tree would make your engagement photos absolutely breathtaking. 


Keep in mind, some of these locations may require permission beforehand to be on the premises. Be sure to work with your photographer to see who will be contacting locations to acquire permission and access if necessary.

What To Wear For Your Engagement Photos 

couple on pier

These days, anything goes as far as attire. My number one tip when picking out your engagement photo outfits is to choose clothes that fit well and that you feel not only comfortable in, but confident too! If you feel confident in your clothes, it will show in your pictures! 

I recommend picking two different engagement outfits for your photoshoot – one semi-casual outfit, and the other a bit more formal. Having two outfits will give you the opportunity to change up the feel of your photos and give your pictures variety. 

For lake-themed engagement photos, I suggest wearing light blues, navy, tans, and pastels. If in doubt, white is always a timeless color.  

At the same time, don’t be afraid to have a little fun! Adding a statement piece to your outfit can really add a lot of personality to your pictures. Also, many people may tell you to stay away from busy patterns and wear simple, plain clothing. Though that can be good advice, in  my engagement photos, I chose to wear a floral, formal dress that I absolutely loved… and it turned out stunning. 

At the end of the day, these are your photos forever, so choose the outfits you absolutely love!

Best Time Of Day For Engagement Photos

couple holding hands and making a heart with their hands

It is ideal to schedule your photos to be taken either in the early morning hours or in the late afternoon just before sunset.  These timeframes will allow you to catch the “golden hour” of sunlight, which creates a soft, warm, gentle glow. 

And if you time it out just right in the afternoon, you can plan to catch one of those famous Lake Martin sunsets as a grand finale for your photos. 


Above all, remember to have fun and enjoy the experience! And let the beautiful settings of Lake Martin take care of the rest.