Welcome to Alabama's Freshwater Coast

Chasing Shadows at The Destination

Enjoy Chasing Shadows at The Destination! This duo has been performing together in the East Alabama area with a full band. This show will feature Jayla & Brandon performing all … Read more

Clay Evans at The Destination

Enjoy singer/songwriter Clay Evans at The Destination! Clay came to Nashville, but not to make Country music. With hints of the blues, soul, jazz, pop, and just a little country, … Read more

Chris Nathan at The Destination

Enjoy singer/songwriter Chris Nathan at The Destination! With his soulful voice, stellar guitar playing, and lovable personality, Chris will take you on a musical journey through his classic originals, brand … Read more

Where Is Lake Martin, Alabama


You’ve heard the name and seen the jaw dropping pictures of this magical place, but just where is Lake Martin, Alabama? You’ve seen it on national news sites like MarthaStewart.com … Read more