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Peanut Point-The Best Boiled Peanuts on Lake Martin

Peanut Point is a classic summertime favorite at Lake Martin, Alabama! Their claim to fame is having the best boiled peanuts on Lake Martin since 1988. For generations, boaters and families have been pulling up to the shoreline of bright colored tents for peanuts, souvenirs, and to snap a photo in the iconic big blue chair.

Here’s the “scoop” on everything you need to know about Peanut Point!

The Story Behind Peanut Point

boiled peanuts sign

The story of Peanut Point begins over 35 years ago, when a man named Louis would spend time down at his cabin on Lake Martin, fishing and relaxing as many would do on a hot Alabama Summer day. While sitting on the banks of the water, Louis began to boil peanuts in a black kettle pot over open flames, stating that it was “something to do while waiting for the fish to bite”.

Then one day, several years later, a woman popped by for a bag of boiled peanuts. She looked around and commented, “this should be called “Peanut Point!”

And so it has been, ever since.

A Family Tradition

peanut point

Louis oversaw Peanut Point for many years and as the business continued to grow, he began to show the ropes to his son and daughter in law, Tim and Brenda Dunham. They have since taken over the operations and continue to keep the family tradition alive and booming.

Every Thursday, Brenda and Tim begin boiling peanuts for the weekend, which typically takes about 8 hours to boil each batch. They use a secret recipe that only the two of them know, which is probably why we can’t get enough of them at Lake Martin!

Tim’s mother is 82 years old and still goes to Peanut Point every weekend to help out. In fact, she never misses a weekend. They also find fun jobs for the grandkids to help out too – making sure everyone in the family has a way to be included!

Their hope is to continue to pass down the love and passion for Peanut Point from generation to generation and keep this Lake Martin tradition going for many more years to come.

Grab ‘Em While They’re Hot!

boiled peanuts

When asked how many boiled peanuts Tim and Brenda go through every summer, their answer is always, “A LOT”.

For $5 cash, you can have your choice of classic boiled peanuts, or even spice things up with a bag of their Cajun-style snack. And don’t forget your souvenir! Just about every boater on Lake Martin has a koozie or t-shirt from Peanut Point.

You will also find the “Snack Shack” ice cream boat posted up at Peanut Point too! It’s the perfect place for everyone to grab something a little sweet and a little salty while enjoying your day on the lake.

Peanut Point is open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend every Summer. Tim and Brenda suggest checking the Peanut Point Facebook page for their updated hours.

Since there are no credit card machines at Peanut Point, our biggest tip is to bring cash and an appetite!

How To Get To Peanut Point

boats by island

Peanut Point is located on the Alexander City side of Lake Martin and can be accessed by land or water.

By car, Peanut Point is a short drive down a 5-mile dirt road. Tim and Brenda recommend simply putting “Peanut Point” into your GPS for easy directions.

By boat, you can easily spot Peanut Point by the bright colored tents and chairs along the shoreline. It is just around the bend from Wind Creek State Park and across the lake from Lakeside Marina at Bay Pines.

The charm of Peanut Point keeps boaters and families coming back year after year. Make sure you add this stop to your Lake Martin bucket list this Summer and tell them Shaylee sent ya!