Make Memories This Father’s Day With These Two Unique Experiences

Father’s Day is coming up and let’s face it-guys can be so hard to buy for.  However, your dad is a special guy and has been there for you your whole life.  He deserves to be shown how appreciated he is.  This year, I encourage you to be creative, and give him something he will really remember.  I realize it can be very tempting to pick up an Amazon gift card as you are checking out at the grocery store.  I’m totally guilty of that myself. 

One thing we have definitely learned over the last couple of years is that we should cherish our time with our family and create real, meaningful experiences and memories with them.  With your Father’s Day gift this year, you can actually create one of those meaningful experiences to share with Daddio.  Even better-you don’t even have to leave your comfy couch to purchase these bucket list experiences.  And even better than that-my two favorite experiences I am going to recommend for your dad involve two things most southern fathers love-hooks and bullets!   

Striper Fishing on Lake Martin


Let’s start with the hooks.  Lake Martin is known for its great fishing.  Bass, crappie, catfish-we have it all here.  Striper fishing is definitely a one of a kind experience though, and you haven’t had the complete lake experience until you have fished for these monsters.  The story behind the Stripers is pretty cool itself.  The Saltwater Striped Bass-also known as Striper, is technically a saltwater fish.  However, even though Lake Martin is Alabama’s FRESHWATER coast, these fish actually survive and thrive in our waters-growing to well over 40+ pounds.  Lake Martin is stocked with over 100,000 Stripers each year, and we also happen to have one of the best Striper guides in the country right here in our area-Alex City Guide Service.  There is no closed season for Striper fishing on Lake Martin, and you can fish year round.  You can reach out to Captain David and purchase a gift certificate as an experience for you and your dad to do together.  You don’t even have to pick a time now.  There is no feeling quite like reeling in one of those massive fish, and trust us, your dad will totally have a day he won’t forget. 

Shooting Machine Guns

man shooting gun

Now let’s talk about an experience involving the other thing that southern dads love-bullets.  Sure, your father may have been to your typical range and fired a few rounds.  He may even be a hunter or collector of guns himself.  If you want to really impress dad though, give him an opportunity to shoot some guns that are on any firearm loving dad’s bucket list.  Many of the guns in Lake Martin Machine Gun’s collection are very rare, and you would normally only see them behind a glass case or on a movie screen.  Here though, you actually get a chance to shoot guns like the M60, M134 Mini Gun, Tommy Gun, and 50 Caliber Ma Deuce just to name a few.  You can’t go just anywhere to have an experience like this, and we are thrilled to have a facility like this right here in our backyard.   In addition to getting to shoot the guns, a Lake Martin Machine Gun specialist will lead you through a tour of the history and heritage of their firearms.  This part is very cool too.  Shooting together at Lake Martin Machine Gun is something totally awesome that you and your dad can do together, and is a gift he will remember forever.  You can reach out to Lake Martin Machine Gun to purchase a gift certificate and pick a time that is convenient for you to both go and experience this together.  


So do the right thing for dad this year.  Forgo the traditional gifts, and use this Father’s Day as a chance to make lasting memories with him.  He is sure to love either of these options, and will be so surprised!  You will want to have a camera ready to catch that smile on his face as he opens his gift-and make sure to take lots of pictures during your bucket list day together too!