4 Fun Things About The Alexander City Sportplex

Alexander City is home to some of the best local shopping, family entertainment, and events in the Lake Martin community. It is also home to the most diverse Sportplex in the region. Of course, when I hear the word “Sportplex,” athletic activities automatically come to mind. And even though it is a paradise for sports lovers, there are so many different activities you can do in addition to just, well, sports.

If you are looking to pick up a hobby or try something new, here is my list of four fun things that I encourage you to try (that you might not have known existed) at the Charles E. Bailey Sportplex!

Join a Sports League or Club Activity 

Baseball Field

The Alexander City Sportplex is the perfect place to pick up a new hobby, activity, or even join a community sports team… no matter what age you are!

It is no question that the Alexander City Sportplex is one of the best community sports facilities around the Southeast. Perhaps what the Sportplex is most known for in the community are its sports fields. There are 20 fields total that are dedicated for hosting youth games, as well as state and regional tournaments. Teams travel to Alexander City from far and wide to hold their sporting events, and they are equally fun for spectators to watch!

When there aren’t games in action, the fields are open for public use… which brings me to the first item on this list: taking up a hobby or joining a league at the Sportplex.

The Alexander City Sportplex is home to a vast variety of adult sports leagues that are led by members in the local community. These leagues cover everything from adult kickball to softball, and even flag football! The Sportplex is always adding new and exciting teams and leagues to their lineup, keeping it new and fresh year after year. You can check in with the Sportplex here for an update on registration and start dates for leagues year-round.

If you’re looking for a hobby that is a little less competitive, the Senior Center hosts a variety of clubs and activities for anyone 50 years and older. This includes bingo, quilting clubs, exercise classes, various games, and social events. My recommendation would be to check out the square-dancing nights hosted every month!

No matter what age you are, the Alexander City Sportplex has an activity waiting for you to join!

Spend Time Outdoors on the Nature Trail or at the Dog Park 

birding trail sign

As an avid hiker and runner myself, I can more than appreciate having such a diverse hiking trail right in our backyard.  The hiking trail at the Charles E. Bailey Sportplex is a scenic 3-mile trek throughout the woods where runners and walkers alike can catch fresh air and see various wildlife year round. Because of its beauty and accessibility, the trail has been added to the Lake Martin Hiking Challenge. The cool thing is, just walking a portion of it will get you one step closer to earning your hiking challenge patch.  Another fun fact – the trail is also a part of the Piedmont Plateau Birding Trail, which highlights the best public locations for bird watching year round. My recommendation is to wear a comfy pair of tennis shoes and hit the trail with a set of binoculars to try and see how many different types of wildlife you can spot!

If you are bringing a four-legged friend to join you on your walk, I also highly recommend stopping by the newly renovated dog park.  I personally can’t think of a happier place to be. This fenced in area is located just behind the girls softball field and allows for pups to run free, make new friends, and be the “goodest” of boys while playing on the obstacle course designed for dogs. The renovations include brand new fencing, a sitting area, and various dog attractions.

Walking the hiking trail and playing in the dog park sounds like the perfect afternoon outdoors to me!

Make a Splash 

splashpad at the alexander city sportplex

Even with the lake in our back yard, there are some ways to make a splash without hitting the lake.  If your kids have had their fill of swimming, I have an equally fun option for you. Let me introduce you to the Splashplex. This is an incredibly popular play area for parents to bring their little ones to get wet and wild in the sun. Even better, it is also wheelchair accessible with a sidewalk leading right up to the entrance.

The Splashplex is a seasonal adventure and runs by the rule of thumb that it opens when the weather is warm enough to get in, until the days are too cold.

Check Out the Lake Martin Rodeo

man on horse at rodeo

This one may be somewhat of a surprise to a lot of readers, but the Alexander City Sportplex is also home to a couple of the biggest seasonal events around the lake each year. My personal favorite and go to recommendation for this one is the Lake Martin Rodeo!

Thousands of visitors flood into Alexander City for the rodeo weekend every year-and for good reason! Hosted at the horse riding area at the Sportplex, the Rodeo is slam packed with family friendly entertainment, live music, vendors, a petting zoo, rodeo clowns, and even a mechanical bull for anyone brave enough to give it a try.

Something that really intrigued me at the rodeo is an event called “Mutton Busting”. This was a new concept for me, and I absolutely love it. The idea behind the Mutton Busting event is for young kids to get to experience their own “softer” version of a rodeo by riding sheep inside an enclosed arena. The kids try to stay on the sheep as long as possible, and the last child riding wins an award. Of course, all kids are limited to a safe weight for the sheep, and this is designed to be a fun way to engage the youngsters.

But what really has everyone talking are the main acts. In years past, the rodeo has consisted of eight professional events that headline the evening with a series of specialty acts in between. These are pulled in from all across the Southeast and Midwest and include everything from trick riders to Spanish bull fighters. And the good news is all of the acts are rotated every year, so even if you attend back to back rodeos, you’ll never see the same show twice.

The Alexander City Sportplex is a diverse and fun environment for the entire family- even the furry pups! This article is a great introduction to everything the Sportplex has to offer, but there is so much more to discover. From sports to events, and everything in between, I encourage you to check it out for yourself and take full advantage of all the wonderful activities you can find at the Alexander City Sportplex!