3 Things To Do At Lake Martin On A Rainy Day

The Lake Martin area is well known for its wonderful outdoor activities-probably most notably, the lake itself.  It is the only “Treasured Alabama Lake” and has almost 900 miles of shoreline and more than 40,000 acres of awesome views.  The lake and its parks, marinas, islands, and points of interest are something everyone has to experience in their life. 

Outside of the amazing lake, we also have the equally amazing Tallapoosa River, which is well known for its kayaking.  The moving water of the Tallapoosa will quickly whisk you away to a fun few hours enjoying the scenery and the adventure that makes up the river experience.  Many people also fish the Tallapoosa River for the coveted Tallapoosa Red Eye Bass. 

And outside of our water activities, we have hundreds of miles of wonderful trails in our area.  Whether hiking is your thing, or biking, or horseback riding-we have a trail for you.  Our trails are all very unique and unlike any you have seen elsewhere. 

All of these things sound great, right?  They are.  100% totally awesome greatness.  However, I’m going to let you in on something that I probably shouldn’t.  Sometimes…….every once in awhile….. that gray day comes and rains on your parade-or atleast your boat day/fishing day/hiking day.  Alabama weather can be crazy, so if you see a storm coming, try to get off the water and get to shelter.  Safety comes first.  You don’t need to sit on the lake and look tough while there are Bassnadoes going on around you.  Yes, it’s a bummer when that happens, but you can still enjoy yourself here even with a little rain. 

I know your first instinct is probably to run down to the Dollar General and load up on board games, coloring books, and whatever else you can find to pass the time.  And yes, that’s not a bad idea at all.  I personally like taking board games with me on vacation anyway to have a little fun with friends and family as we relax after an adventurous day.  However, there are still some ways to experience some of the sights and activities in the Lake Martin area- and stay dry.  Here’s my 3 suggestions for things to do in the Lake Martin area on a rainy day. 

1. Wellborn Musclecar Museum

They are technically only open to the public on Saturdays from 10am-3pm.  But-I am going to give you an insider secret…… you can call the museum’s curator for a private tour that can take place during other days and times throughout the week.  In my personal opinion, that is the way to do it anyway-rain or no rain.  His name is Alton, and I will give you his personal cell phone to call and make an appointment-256-496-2155.  Don’t worry-I asked him first-he is expecting your call!  On a personal tour, he walks through the entire museum with you and tells you the background stories behind each of their beautiful cars-and guitars.  Yes, each of the cars has a guitar that has been painted to match.  I’ll let him tell you more about that.  He can also show you the Musclecar Art Gallery.  There’s really a lot to see.  From the outside, you will not be able to tell quite what awaits you inside.  But when you walk through the doors, and walk into the main area, I’m sure your jaw will hit the ground just like mine did.  The retro colors welcome you with the décor of a car dealership from back in the day.  That’s what this building actually was at one time, and they have done a great job of bringing the history of the building into the museum.  People from all over the world come to see the collection there, and each time you go, it is like going to a different museum.  There are so many cars in their collection, that they frequently switch them out.  Whether you are a fan of Musclecars or not, this experience will amaze those of all ages as you see and hear the treasured stories of each of the cars. 

2. Horseshoe Bend National Military Park 

Now let me start with saying that they do have a very beautiful walking trail that goes through the park that is just a little under 3 miles.  Yes, it is beautiful and yes, you need to do it.  But, you are likely reading this because you’ve run in the house cold and soaking wet from the rain and you are trying to find something to keep the family busy today.  So even though you won’t be hiking the trail today, you can still definitely enjoy the park.  Their visitor center has been open since 1964, but they have a newly renovated museum and it is a great place for the history buffs.  They have some really neat artifacts to check out, and the kiddos can earn Jr. Ranger Badges too.  If you have a National Parks Passport, make sure to bring that along also so you can get your stamp showing you visited the park.  And, there is even a way to still enjoy the park from the dryness of your car.  They have a loop road that you can drive along, and set up an audio tour to play from your phone.  The tour will tell you the stories of the exact areas you are in at that exact moment.  It’s pretty cool-and that itself is definitely worth doing at Horseshoe Bend National Military Park. 

3. Playhouse Cinemas

Who doesn’t like a day at the movies to check out the latest cinematic masterpieces?   This is a wonderful indoor activity and Playhouse Cinemas is a great movie theater in Alexander City.  They are equipped with the latest technology, including Christie Projectors, Dolby Digital Surround Sound, and Real 3D.  They bring in the latest and greatest movies, but let’s also address the other thing that is probably on your mind.  At least it is what is on my mind when someone says it’s movie day!  For me, I can’t go to the movies without eating popcorn.  Slathered in butter.  Don’t judge-it’s my guilty pleasure!  Especially on vacation and especially on a movie day.  You know vacation calories don’t count anyway, right?  And yes, in case you are wondering, Playhouse Cinemas has the best!  The movie theater is locally owned and has been in business over 30 years serving our residents and visitors.  This is a great way to have fun on a rainy day-or any day.

While we greatly cherish our time outdoors around here, there are plenty of  indoor things to do in the Lake Martin area also.  We know you have anxiously awaited your vacation at the lake, and we will do our absolute best to make sure you enjoy it.  Rain or shine, if you are here and need help booking activities,  need reservations for dinner in the Lake Martin area,  or have any questions- we are happy to help.  We want to make sure you have the best vacation at Lake Martin.  You are welcome to call me at 256-414-6099 anytime or drop me an email at Lakemartintourismassociation@gmail.com