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March 2023-Lake Martin Fishing Report

484.00 (2/6/23) (Full pool is 491.00-You can always find the current water level HERE)
Surface Temp 52-58
Clarity / Clear to slightly stained

February was as good as I’ve seen in a long long time for the striper bite. We had numerous days we were boating 45-60 stripers per boat per trip. They were ranging from 4-12 lbs. We were catching them deep. For the  clients that wanted to planer board (which is my favorite way to catch them) that was producing well also maybe not as many but quality was definitely a plus.

Here we are March of 2023! This kicks off the trophy time of year and will last until summer. If you’ve never had the opportunity to fish for stripers in March on Lake Martin then you have to try it, and if you have then no doubt in my mind your probably already booked with us this month or you’re fixing too. For those who follow my post and articles you have been reading about and seeing pictures of a lot of healthy size stripers here this winter. With healthy fat stripers in the winter solely means spring time trophy size stripers should be plentiful.

People often ask us what size is considered a trophy striper. My answer is simple: “a trophy is in the eye of the beholder (or in fish terms – the angler).” For us that have been doing this for years and years I’d say 20-plus pounds is a trophy, while our largest to date (which is the lake record) is 52 lbs and was boated in March a few years back and we are always proud to say our guide service caught it. Each year our clients haul in numbers of 20-45 lb stripers and I could absolutely be wrong but I’m predicting this may be the best spring we’ve had in years for the upper end class size stripers. If your goal is to catch a huge striper Lake Martin is definitely the lake you want to be fishing. Sure there is a few other lakes that will produce a big striper every  now and then but it seems like to me you see and hear of more 30 plus pounders being caught on Lake Martin than anywhere in the south.

One of the biggest mistakes some anglers make is not being patient for the big bite. There is a lot to the saying it takes time and lot of patience to land a big striper. If I was coming to strictly try to catch a big one I would set aside a minimum of 3 days and just tell yourself hey I might not catch it this year but I’m going to put the time and effort in and do it the time of year that I should (March, April and May) and I’m going to a lake (which is Lake Martin, Al) that I know has a proven track record of big stripers. I think if you have the right guide , the right attitude, the patience and a few days to spend on the water you’ll have a better chance than someone that doesn’t follow these suggestions. I sincerely hope this is your year to have that “Trip of a Lifetime.”

This month, concentrate on more of a top water bite in creeks, long shallow points and the river channels. My choice of approach would be live bait and planer boards , my presentation would be a little slower for the larger size fish and a little faster for the quantity bite.

Until next time be safe and enjoy beautiful Lake Martin.

Thanks to David Hare with Alex City Guide Service for our monthly fishing report.

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March Fishing Tournaments At Lake Martin

Mar 04, 2023Alabama Bass Federation
Mar 11, 2023Alabama Bass Federation (Students)
Mar 18, 2023Wind Creek Bass Trail #5 – Ogs
Mar 25, 2023Alabama Bass Nation Regional (Students)
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